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Deomonic: The Arrangement

Angels and the Demons Who Tempt Them

Deomonic: When Demons and Angels Tempt Eachother
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What the hell is all this?

Deomonic is a Crowley/Aziraphale fic, covering moments from Crowley's Fall until...whenever.

Wait, do you mean a Good Omens/Desperate Housewives crossover?

...No. That was an April Fool's Day joke. An amusing one, but a joke nonetheless. This all comes from museofspeed's evil mind.

Do you like Capital Letters?

Yes. That's why God Speaks Like This.

Who's fault is all of this?

museofspeed is Crowley and All Things Evil. She plans to freeze over Hell someday. She has a strange obsession with kidney theft. On the topic of obsession, she has, over the past year or two, obsessed over Terry Pratchett, Invader Zim, Animaniacs, Sandman, everything Neil Gaiman related, and, of course, Good Omens. She is also infatuated with Shakespeare. Especially Hamlet. Who really does want to get into Horatio's pants, but that's beside the point.

bergann is Aziraphale and the voice of Good (though really it is the snarky sort of good that you may have to save in your memory, make some tea and sit down in a good couch as you think it over). She has for a year lived as a Norwegian Platypus, and is the kind of person who watches musicals and frets over her books safety when she isn't in the house. She travels, though saying that she lives in Bergen physically and in the UK mentally is the closest you can come to pinpoint her location.

texmas is our Illustrious Illustrator. She speaks Latin and has a pet polar bear named Max. She is married to a Norwegian musician, but he thinks he's married to someone else. Also, she tends to spontaneously combust.

What will happen if I don't read it?

museofspeed will steal your kidneys.

What kind of name is "Deomonic"?

That's a very interesting story, that actually goes back way back to Ancient Norway... museofspeed accidentally typed deomonic instead of demonic when describing herself her font. She liked it, and we kept it. What, can you think of a better title? That's rhetorical.

What's this obsession with Norway?

bergann is Norwegian, and proud of it. museofspeed thinks she's a little too proud of it, but don't tell.

Can I purchase your souls?

You have to talk to our agent.

Do you want chocolate?


Can I join the community?

No. Because we dislike you greatly. We're keeping it simple. Unless you are actually writing or drawing the fic, you are not part of the community. Feel free to friend us, though! Then you can see it every time we update and be happy and sing songs in our praise and all that stuff.

Wow! I loved this! I want to read more of your work!

Wow! That's not a question! But feel free to check out our personal journals for things we have written.


Ooookay...you're kind of creepy. But sure. Just credit (and leave us a comment if you don't mind. We're curious.)

Are you Neil Gaiman and/or Terry Pratchett?

We are not Neil Gaiman or Terry Pratchett, and we don't own Crowley, Aziraphale, Good Omens or anything besides the clothes on our backs (and museofspeed is wearing borrowed socks). We aren't making any money, and we don't have any money, so we really would appreciate if you didn't sue. Plus, unrequited_rain is buying and reading Good Omens thanks to our urging so we're doing Good, not Evil, with our character-borrowing.

Who made that beautiful header?

Header by wildebrian